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You're in the right place. We have put together a list of common questions that have been asked about RSVP in the past. We hope this helps answer all of your RSVP questions.

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What is RSVP?
RSVP is an exclusive new Vocalpoint offering that allows members to host a party in their home to try and/or discuss an exciting product or service with friends. Hostesses and guests usually receive special gifts and/or coupons for participating.
What do RSVParty hostesses have to do?
Almost always, a hostess is asked to throw a party in her home. From there, each RSVParty is unique and responsibilities vary depending on the featured brand. Hostesses for one RSVParty were asked to make avocado dishes for a tailgate, others created a diaper cake and threw a baby shower, while others discussed Latina beauty and shared products with their friends. For almost any RSVParty, you will be asked to share samples and/or coupons with your guests.
How can I host?
RSVParties are kind of a big deal and you must be invited to host a party. You've got a good start just by being a Vocalpoint member. Every now and then, we'll target certain members and ask them to host. We're usually looking for members who fit a particular demographic, but the best way you can increase your chances of being selected is to take the surveys we e-mail you periodically, update your profile and remain active in the Vocalpoint community.
When will Vocalpoint have its next RSVParty?
RSVParties occur throughout the year. The exact date of the next RSVParty will depend on the featured brand and traditional holidays, etc. already on the calendar. If you stay involved with Vocalpoint, you may be selected to host at any time!
If selected, can I combine my RSVP party with something else?
It depends on what you have scheduled and the RSVParty you are going host. If it seems like a natural fit, go for it. (Example: You plan to throw a bridal shower and your RSVParty includes beauty products.) If the planned event is not related to your RSVParty, schedule separate time for your RSVParty so you and your guests can make the most of both events. (Example: You plan to throw a child's birthday party and your RSVParty includes sanitary products.)
How many guests are invited to an RSVParty?
Hosts are typically asked to invite 5-12 guests, though the number of guests varies from one program to the next.
What will I get for hosting a party?
In addition to the undying love and adoration of your guests, you will receive an RSVParty Kit that contains materials to help you host the party, which could include samples and/or coupons, as well as a nifty hostess gift for you. And after you've successfully hosted your party (uploaded pictures from the event and submitted feedback online as required), you'll be one of the first to receive information about future RSVParties and other Vocalpoint programs.
What do guests get for coming?
Guests enjoy a fun experience and good company, learn new things and may discover innovative products. They could go home with coupons and/or samples as well, but again, this is unique to each RSVParty.
Are all party expenses paid?
No, but we provide a lot of stuff in the RSVParty Kit to help you out so that you should not need to spend money. If we ask you to purchase something at the store, we will most likely send coupons and/or gift cards. You are welcome to purchase extra party supplies on your own (if you're into that kind of thing), but Vocalpoint will not reimburse any party expenses.
What if I sign up to host a party but then I can't?
When you sign up to host, we count on you to fulfill your commitment as an RSVParty hostess. Our brand sponsors rely on the opinions and information the hostesses share to support their initiatives. But we understand sometimes things come up that can't be avoided and we would ask that you contact us as soon as possible so we can attempt to find another hostess. And we reserve the right to withhold future offers.
What if I don't post photos and feedback after my party?
Vocalpoint's success and the overall member experience depend on the active participation of members like you. If you don't give us your feedback and show us your photo, we'll have no choice but to think you don't love us anymore and don't want to get cool stuff from us for the next 6 months. And that would make us sad.

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