VP 101

What is Vocalpoint?

Above all else, Vocalpoint is a community of women who love sharing. Whether you're telling a story or leaving feedback on a nifty product you sampled, we believe your voice matters, and that you should share it!

We're composed of three basic parts:

The Programs: Vocalpoint regularly offers coupons or free samples from big brands like Kashi, Downy, Barilla, and whoever else wants access to our panel of women who aren't afraid to share their opinion(that's you)! You then use these coupons or samples and give your feedback. The best part: the brands actually listen to what you have to say. They'll take the good with the bad—from "I love it" to "I couldn't wait to chuck-it-in-the-trash".

The Fun Stuff: Click around to get inspired! We have helpful articles, tips, and tricks scattered all over the site. You'll find recipes, DIY projects, money-smart tips, and family ideas, to name just a few.

The You Stuff: We love hearing the voices of our community, and we know that you have loads of great ideas and opinions of your own. That's why we hope you'll share your stories with us!