Share Your Story

As we keep saying, the more you share, the more you
get out of Vocalpoint! But how exactly do you share?

Throughout the site, you'll have tons of opportunities to sound off on lots of topics.
Basically, any time you leave a comment about anything at all, you've shared and
made a valuable contribution. Here are just a few of the many ways to share:

Leave feedback about a product you tried

Use the pop-up Story Windows (look for the icon!)

Comment on articles and tips

Reply to other people's comments

Take polls or surveys

Complete your profile

Depending on where you comment from the list above, you'll usually see a prompt asking you to share your own story or opinion. However, many chances for interaction involve commenting on the stories other people worked hard to share, so we merely ask. . .

Share your advice. Whatever tips, ideas, advice, and more that you have—share, share share! We love hearing about your ideas, and everyone who sees your comments, will, too.
Share your story. Odds are, you'll often see a prompt asking you to tell us a story about your experiences.

Keep it positive! We know your mother blessed you with that sharp wit, but whatever you're responding to, someone put time in effort into it. Keep your comments friendly, and if you do have any important issues to report, let us know here.

Because we can't do it all alone!

We are a community!! It's Vocalpoint's goal to be a place full of inspiration, ideas, and delight. There's only so much we can offer, and YOUR contributions —your ideas and stories from your own experiences — are what make Vocalpoint unique. Someone else may have a great idea we at Vocalpoint never knew. Someone's random comment may lead to you check out their profile only to discover you live in the same area. Someone else's story may bring a smile to your face when you really needed one!

We're all in this together, so at Vocalpoint, sharing is most certainly caring. We can't wait to hear from you!