Give More. Get More.

Vocalpoint works like this:
When it comes down to it, you get out of Vocalpoint what you put in. Everyone in the community has the chance to contribute in lots and lots of ways—and the more you contribute, the more you get out of your experience. That experience includes getting to know your fellow Vocalpoint-ettes. It includes getting even more access to free stuff and promotions. It means you become one of our top contributors and get to see your work around the site. Neat, right?

Powering Up
The more you interact with Vocalpoint, the higher the meter on your Power Bar! The Power Bar is the column on the left side of your profile picture, and indicates how active you are within the site. If you're super active—sharing stories, opinions, answering polls, and so on—that Power Bar will be full of bright purple lights. If you're only a smidge active, the bar will have fewer lights. Our top active members have even more access to cool stuff, so feel free to post, comment, or share as often as you like!

These little guys are a fun way to celebrate your contributions to Vocalpoint. You earn them for doing what you love: participating in programs, sharing reviews, telling us stories, leaving your comments, and on and on! They'll appear on your profile so that you (or someone checking out your profile) can see them all in one place.

Gift Box
See that little gift box up in the right-hand corner of the page? Right of the power bar by your profile picture? If we have a special deal or offer that is absolutely perfect for you, we'll put it in your gift box.

Messages from Vocalpoint
Occasionally we might need to send a message meant just for you—so we'll direct it to that icon you see right above the gift box by your profile picture. If it's any number other than "0", you have a new message.